Lquinox brings the world to space...

and satellites to decisions.


As an independent space and data management consulting company, we help foster international partnerships, represent the interests of innovative space and satellite companies, bring understanding of governments' space policy and regulatory environments, provide expert advice on the benefits of satellite applications, and offer guidance on data center solutions. We do this through relationships and connecting satellites and data to decisions.


Lquinox partners have considerable experience in space operations, engineering, data center management, and diplomacy, and have interfaced with international, government, industry, and NGO entities. 


Use of the space domain is changing rapidly: more international, more commercial, more data intensive, more complicated. Where should you be investing your time and effort in order to leverage the benefits of this new space age? 

You may be a new space entrant that needs to understand and navigate government policies and regulation, or a congested space environment. Who should you engage with? How will you manage the large sets of data that come with satellite applications? What does it mean to be a responsible space operator?

We have a strategic mindset coupled with deep understanding and expertise in this field. Contact Lquinox to see how we can help.


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